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RJH Alive follows the story of RJH Copy and Robert Hughes. Join them as they start from nothing and launch themselves into the mysterious and frightening world of digital strategy, content and copywriting.

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RJH Copy is Born

Updated: Feb 17

Welcome to RJH Alive, my new blog which follows the journey of RJH Copy, a freelance copy and content writing business based in Newbury, UK.

Baby RJH Copy. Aww.

I have felt like this before, this cocktail of emotions. Situations, where uncertainty is the biggest force, is no less than adventure. I've gone to live in China and Thailand. Traveled through India. The feeling of leaving everything safe and comfortable behind and stepping forward into the unknown; you become closer to life. The outcome is unpredictable; you just can’t tell who you’re going to meet or what is going to happen.

I have to admit, I don't know everything. I'm still learning how to make the most of SEO and how to create a brand. Luckily there is a bounty of information to learn from; it seems as though almost every copywriting company teaches you how to do it; I've been engrossing myself in articles and youtube videos for weeks. I was told to sign up for an expensive mentoring program, told: "Why would you want to learn from someone who hasn't been successful." The answer to that? You have to respect the lesson, not the teacher.

Listen, act, and then learn.

What are the key things I've learned so far? Listen and learn. Put the ego to one side and work hard. Take action. Be yourself; maintain your integrity and be honest. Use keywords effectively and learn how to write H1 and H2 titles. Leverage other businesses where possible; Wix and Google Analytics. Let the internet be my teacher. Add more quality, more value. Never stop learning.

This blog will be a record of my story; I will describe my current challenges and mini-wins. I will record the process; my failures and my victories and I will also reflect on my past adventures (for I have had many). Most of all, I want this blog to be full of joy. The joy of story-telling, the joy of adventure and the sheer joy of being alive. My body feels light with excitement; RJH Copy is born!

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