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The BJJ School of Business

RJH Copy Goes to Government

Sold! RJH Copy made its first lump of money this week. Over the past 10 days, I’ve sent off a few trial blog pieces to businesses which requested them in response to my Maximilian the Frog email campaign. One of them got back to me a couple of days after receiving the trial piece. They offered me an urgent job that needed to be done as quickly as possible. When I asked them for a deadline, they said, “Today.” Their usual copywriter was fully booked. Without hesitating, I (of course) said I’d do it. No problem.

I half regretted it when they sent me a presentation from a data services and automation company looking to sell their systems to the UK Public Sector, including the government and NHS. It was full of technical language and acronyms that I simply didn’t understand. It was my job to convert the presentation into a thought leadership piece which would be sent to high-ups in the government, NHS, education and other public sector organisations.

Good old Ecosia. After two days of writing furiously (it wasn’t a “today” job), sending drafts to the client, waiting for feedback and making edits, I managed to produce a thought leadership piece that they were satisfied with, "Axians: Setting the Scene for a Brighter Future". Now I’ve got something impressive to add to my CV. Yay, me. Here’s a sample of it:

"The quiet pavements are immaculate and not a single street light flickers as the morning sun rises. The recycling has been collected in record time, again. An hour from now, after uniforms have been found and homework frantically finished, the children will walk safely to school in streets free from pollution. Traffic will flow steadily in both directions. A wailing ambulance somewhere in the distance avoids the busy roads. The buses are on time and there is plenty of space for everyone to read the paper: Crime is down. Exam results are up. Experts are getting great jobs in excellent organisations. It’s not too much to ask.”

BJJ: Lessons Learned and Mindset on the Mats

BJJ UK Nationals Podium

I had a Jiu-Jitsu competition last weekend and I learned a lot about the nature of things. At my BJJ club, everyone is friendly and even when you are sparring at 100%, there is still a level of respect and care for each other. Not so much in comps. With a lack of competitors in my own weight division, I was bumped up to a heavier weight. I was very much the underdog but I was there to gain experience and have fun.

It was my first competition. I felt nervous and tight. My first opponent smashed me from the beginning. He finished me with an arm-bar in less than 90 seconds. I also picked up an injured rib, perhaps from a poorly aimed (excellently aimed?) knee-on-belly. The first fight confirmed my expectations that I was the underdog but also took the pressure off of me. It taught me that if I wasn't there to win, I was there to lose. Before the first fight, I was nervous and intoxicated with adrenaline. I barely even remember how he got my arm so easily; I was not in control of myself. There were things I could do better.

In preparation for my second fight, some hours later, I did things better. I breathed deeply for minutes before the fight and oxygenated my body. I remembered the aggression I had received in the first fight and pictured myself being aggressive. I mentally dominated my opponent. I made up a story about why I hated my opponent so that I wouldn’t feel bad about trying to beat him. I stayed light on my toes and kept warm in the wait for the fight. I was energised and ready to win.

It was an even fight. I got him with a single leg take-down, he locked me up in guard. He passed the guard and took mount, I swept him and claimed guard. My ribs were now excruciating and I almost gave up. When I looked him in the eyes, I saw he was tired and knew I had a chance to win. It was the semi-final. Out of the four people remaining, only one person would be leaving without a medal. I knew that to win this fight was to guarantee myself silver and avoid the 3rd place play-off which nobody wants to be in. My teammates cheered me on and I broke the 2-2 deadlock with less than 5 seconds remaining on the clock to take the winning points. I conceded the final to my teammate and was happy with my silver medal.

Copywriting Learns from Sport

The business world isn’t like school or your local club where people are friendly and care for you. It’s a place of competition. A place where people want to see you fail. I learned from Jiu-Jitsu that I have to prepare better than my competitors; keep learning the game. When there’s no more time for learning, when it’s time to fight, I’ve got to give it everything. Have a positive, winners mindset. Don’t give up. No matter how much it hurts to delete paragraphs and rewrite sentences. RJH Copy made its first sale and I’ve had my first experience of professional writing. I know the game and my anxieties are lessened. I’ve got a success story. I’m not an underdog anymore. Now it’s time to push on and go for gold.

-Preparation is the key to success. Never stop learning.

-Be relentless. Stamina is the product of hard work.

-Victory is a mindset; start being a winner.

Newbury, United Kingdom

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