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Digital Strategy: At One with the Web

The one obvious thing you need to do well as a digital strategy, SEO, copy and content writing business, is get your digital strategy, SEO, copy and content in fantastic order. It would look pretty bad to potential customers visiting the site if the website was unusable, scored poorly in SEO analysis audits and looked like a school project from the 1990s. This week I've been focusing on two key areas of improvement. The first is improving my website's SEO audit scores. Luckily there are a whole host of tools and How-Tos available online to get going. Even though I'm working alone, I've definitely had a lot of support from around the web. The second thing I've been working on? Finding customers!

Website Evolution

www.rjhcopy.com is definitely still very much in it's "Beta" form, but it's a whole lot better than it was this time last week. Previously a shy husk of "just in case", the website has grown a lot. I've added a blog (obviously), added more information in the About section, created more internal links, improved the SEO titles and beefed up each page. Whew, quite a lot of work. But there's still more to do! I've started by completing the most important tasks, but I also need to eventually replace all the default Wix images, get some videos up, add a testimonials and tools page, and more! It's a good job I enjoy all this work, or I might have quit already.

The SEO Learning Curve

SEO is one of those fiddly jobs that nobody really wants to do. Having buried myself in the process this week I've fallen in love with it, and have enjoyed putting my site through various analytics tools, watching youtube videos to help solve the trickier problems and reading lots of great articles by other copywriting websites. It's amazing how much of their knowledge people are willing to share with you. There's literally enough practical, concise information to start your own

SEO business! I'll link some of my favourite How-Tos down below. Neil Patel has been absolutely vital as it has crunched my domain data and given me practical ways to improve my websites SEO following an audit. I definitely recommend it to anyone with their own website.

Email Campaigns

I've launched a two-pronged attack on the web. The first assault is on pre-existing copywriting agencies who can hook me up with clients, give me crucial feedback so that I can improve my work and also act as an intermediary between myself and the rest of the online marketing world. I know that I have an awful lot to learn, so I googled "Copywriting agencies" and sent an email to the top 20 companies listed in the UK; including Barnaby Benson, Ink, Big Star, Rule of Three and more. I also used their websites as benchmarks and not only learned a lot from the style and content of each of them,but noticed how each had a very distinct voice and was very much its own personality. The Rule of Three website is absolutely stunning, even frightening, and the Barnaby Benson and Big Star blogs are super-informative and full of great tips for copywriting excellence. Here's my email to them:

My name is Robert Hughes. I’m 29 and have a pet frog called Maximillian.

I have recently started a freelance copywriting and content writing business, https://www.rjhcopy.com/. I am excited and just a little bit daunted by my venture, and I must admit I have a rather critical and urgent problem:

I don’t have any customers.

Ouch. It hurts to say, but it’s true. I believe in my ability as a writer so I’m getting in touch today to offer my services for free for a limited time to prove to myself and to you that I’ve got what it takes, collect some vital feedback and hopefully gather some precious testimonials for my site. I was stunned by your website which is like no other I’ve seen (and actually a little bit frightening!). I know that to be the best, you have to work with the best. I saw that your site offered translation services, too. As well as English, I am fluent in Chinese and have read many novels and poetry books in the language.

I have just started a blog https://rjhfree.wordpress.com/ to complement my business and here is my old site which I made mostly for fun and for having a platform to showcase my work: https://abroadmind.travel.blog/ . I personally like the “my story” section the most; it’s all true.

If you’re still reading this, then I want to let you know that I really appreciate you giving me the time of thought and I’d like to apologise for lying about the frog. I don’t have a pet frog at all.

I hope you have a wonderful day,



That one was to Rule of Three. As you can see, I tailored the email slightly for each company (their website really is quite overwhelming) but basically I kept the main body of text the same. I have received positive feedback from companies both with and without potential work from me:

"Hi Robert

I was actually quite upset about the frog. Maximillian is a great name for a frog and I really think you should get one.

Not looking for writers right now I'm afraid but I'll keep your details on file. What's your hourly rate?



"Hi Robert

I like your writing. Where are you based?


I will keep up my push towards copywriting agencies and hopefully, I will have a steady stream of work coming from them in the not too distant future. At the moment, it seems to be my most promising source of income. I have also been in touch with local businesses though. Dan Lok said he "made it" by emailing 1000 business. He only got a few replies, but he only needed a few to secure a steady stream of income which eventually became a bursting river of wealth.

My approach with local businesses was much the same, but I also took the liberty of starting my work without their permission and running their websites through the analytics tools and providing feedback based on their results, including the number one way they could improve their business, as well, of course, mentioning Maximillian the frog. So far, I have not received any responses to this approach, though I have focused mainly on copywriting agencies so far.

Key Contributors

A big thank you to all these people and more for being my mentors without knowing it:

Neil Patel:



Dan Lok:


Big Star Copywriting:


Traffic Results:


Nathan Gotch


Barnaby Benson:


Brian Dean:



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