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What is copywriting?

Copy is any writing that aims to sell a product or attract potential customers to a business. In fact, you’re reading copy right now. Essentially this whole website exists solely to persuade that RJH Copy is right for you. Copy is more than just trying to sell a product; a good piece of copy should be informative, interesting and hopefully even put a smile on the face of the reader. It can take many forms including blogs, social media posts, subscriber newsletters and even old fashioned adverts in the newspaper. Copywriting is the art of writing copy. Copy that.

How can quality content help me?

Quality copy essentially adds value to whatever it is that you are selling, be it a product or a service. For example, you may be the seller of biodegradable toothbrushes and you may want to write a report about just how quickly it dissolves in your compost bin. This not only demonstrates that your product actually does what you say it does but could also be a well-written story that engrosses the reader. Yes, even composting toothbrushes could be an interesting story, you just need a great writer. Great content not only helps to sell your product but also gets shared and could even go viral which will increase website traffic exponentially.

What is traffic?

Traffic is how many visits your company’s website gets. The more traffic you get, the more likely you will convert some of that traffic into sales. Of course, you mostly want to be attracting your target market, but if you’re providing enough great content on your website and giving your customers a lot of value, then you still have a great chance of converting that traffic into sales. Great content helps keep that traffic on your site for longer, again giving you an increased chance of making a sale. Is lack of traffic costing you precious sales?

What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and means how highly ranked your website or blog post is on a search engine, such as Google. The higher ranked you are, the more likely it is that traffic will visit your site. How many times have you clicked through to the twentieth page of Google? Most of us choose a link from the top ten results. We also base our decision of which link to click on by the title and the blurb beneath it. Therefore, this needs to itself be a great piece of copy; you need to intrigue, captivate and... 

… excite your potential customer, right from the get-go. By weaving SEO keywords into high quality content, your website is destined to shoot up the rankings and reach more customers. How many customers are you missing out on?

How can social media help my business?

There are so many different platforms of social media that there is bound to be at least one fantastic social media tool for promoting your business. Many businesses use several platforms to create synergy. By sharing photographs, success stories, customer feedback, and a whole load more you can build a great network of followers, subscribers, and fans who can be updated about your latest products and services in an instant and may even help to share your posts around the web.

Should I use more than one digital platform?

Yes. Multiple digital presences such as a website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube can create massive synergy for your company which doesn’t just increase traffic to your website but also helps deliver a whole lot more value from your product. Not everybody uses the same social media websites and so using more than one allows you to reach a larger slice of the target market. This can be time-consuming, but even a short post can help keep your business in the spotlight. Again, quality is important- you don’t want to lose customers by spamming them.

How can I grow my mailing list?

Your mailing list gives you direct contact with people who are willing to hear more about your business. You can grow this list by offering value in exchange for their email address, such as a free t-shirt, a discount, or check below- a free consultation.  Other methods include contacting people personally, responding to their comments on your blog or even sending out “cold” emails to potential clients. Whatever your method, remember to add value for your customer. Once you’ve grown your mailing list, send regular, quality newsletters informing customers of new products, discounts and success stories. Don’t be the newsletter that gets ignored.

How do I engage my target audience?

Engage your target audience by getting to know them. We all have different drives, but basically, we all want to be listened to and plain feel loved. A target audience is a very general thing, and nobody likes to feel like they’re not special. They are special. You are special. Take the time to respond to feedback, thank loyal customers and let them know it’s not all about the money. When you’re giving plenty of value, your customers will be delighted to do business with you, and are more likely to keep coming back. Give them more than they expect, and then give a little bit more.

Which digital strategy is best for me?

Ideally, every business should be looking for a combination of providing great content, making the most of SEO and social media, as well as paid advertising and great incentives for your customers to help promote your brand. Your strategy will depend largely on the resources at your disposal and where your business can make the biggest gains. It is important to do an audit to assess your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re receiving high traffic but low conversion rate, the next step will be to address that issue; if you have great content but not enough traffic, you may have to leverage some “influencers” to help promote your site.

 Where should I begin? 

Right here. Well, we would say that, but RJH Copy offers a free consultation to everybody. Personally, we dream of working from a beach house in the Bahamas for a couple of hours before having a cheeky snorkel and then building a sandcastle replica of the Taj Mahal. How about you? Get in touch and arrange a chat about you and where you want to be. We can’t promise to help you go swimming on the moon, but we can promise to help you understand your next step.

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