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Our model

We believe in measurable improvement and that's why before even chatting with you we'll research your business and use the latest analytics tools to identify areas to improve your online presence. During the intial consultation we'll listen to your goals and ask you some key questions to make sure we understand how we can help your business to grow in the direction you want to go. During that initial consultation, we'll draw up a clear plan of action for your business which will deliver measurable improvements in website traffic, SEO and conversion rates, and then you can make an informed decision on how you wish to proceed.


Our Philosophy

Life is for living and our business is a big part of our life; it deserves to be enjoyed. Your business is our business and we truly care about you. We deal in honesty and integrity and there's nothing we enjoy more than chatting to our clients and building a relationship built on trust and understanding. We know that every business has its problems, but we also know that humans are excellent creatures, and together we can conquer any challenges presented to us. We don't do excuses, we do excellence.


Robert Hughes

Robert John Hughes is a charismatic, adventurous businessman from the UK who has lived in China and Thailand. He knows that in order to meet people's needs, they need to be listened to carefully and their objectives understood. He is fluent in Chinese and finds real joy in connecting with people around the world. His courageous approach to life has lent him a unique perspective of the world and his enthusiastic, dynamic approach when engaging with people means that you are sure to feel excited and confident along the path to growing your own business with him. He loves writing and SEO so much that compared to him you don't even like it at all.


Newbury, United Kingdom

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